Demetris Ioannides

Demetris founded Deloitte Cyprus and served as Managing Partner and subsequently as Executive Chairman until 2005. He is now Chairman Emeritus of Deloitte Cyprus and the managing director of our Group. During his Deloitte tenure, he received various leadership awards and established an impressive, broad clientele that has shaped the current stature of the financial and shipping industries in Cyprus. Together with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gassner, he was instrumental in the 2002-2003 Cyprus tax reform, necessary for EU tax harmonization.
Panos Ioannides

Panos Ioannides

Panos holds a BA from Yale University in Economics and Mathematics. Before joining MeritServus, Panos spent two years at Kaiser Associates, a global mid-size management-consulting firm with an elite client base. Panos is a member of the ACCA and has been a Director of MeritServus and MeritKapital since 2007. Panos led the team that brokered the first structured trade on the island in Bank of Cyprus claims (restricted deposits, shares) following the bank bail-in. The group then became the biggest proprietary trader of such claims on the island. He is a specialist on Cyprus investment schemes related to citizenship and residence, hosting relevant seminars around the globe.

Panayiota Constantinou

Panayiota trained with Deloitte Cyprus and has been a part of MeritServus since its inception. She administers a large portfolio of international companies, including public companies. She has repeatedly and successfully managed administrative and compliance matters for joint venture entities with complex shareholder agreements. Perhaps her greatest skill is her dedication to detail and her strong sense of fiduciary duty to shareholders. Panayiota holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus in Greece.

Maria Damianou

Maria joined the corporate services department of Deloitte Cyprus in 1993 and subsequently transferred to MeritServus. Maria studied languages and holds a Diploma in Accounting. She is an active professional director of large holding companies with in-depth experience in the many facets of holding company administration. Maria is experienced managing compliance matters across jurisdictions. Her clients appreciate her efficient work and her subtlety in managing sensitive information and circumstances.