Incorporation of local and international companies

We provide incorporation services across a variety of jurisdictions. We can register your company with relevant local authorities, draft constitutional documents, open a corporate bank account* and provide you with a fully operational company. The timing of this set up varies between jurisdictions, but within Cyprus the process typically takes two days.

* We understand the importance of independence and, unlike many of our competitors, we do not have referral agreements with any commercial bank. Our recommendations are impartial.


Management and Administration

Our professionals can act as nominee directors for your company and we can provide corporate director entities if required.  We handle the day to day administration of your company, including correspondence, representation, corporate authorizations, board minutes and company payments.



We tailor our service to your requirements. We have offices, staff and facilities which can be used to allow you to quickly and efficiently form a local economic presence in Cyprus.



Redomiciliation is the process of moving a legal entity from one jurisdiction to another. Foreign entities can benefit from Cyprus redomiciliation in various ways. Particularly where an entity is part of a complex structure or where certain winding up or asset disposal processes may trigger significant tax implications.


Escrow services

We are trusted escrow service providers and we have experience in a wide variety of domestic and cross border transactions. Our client accounts are held with a variety of major international banks and you can take additional comfort from our international professional indemnity insurance policy. Our affiliate MeritKapital is a licensed custodian of financial instruments and portfolio assets and has sub-custody relationships with leading international banks.