1. Unregulated markets

We have recent experience with Public Offerings and Private Placement of securities in unregulated markets.

Emerging Companies Market (ECM), Cyprus

The ECM is an unregulated market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE). The market has a simplified regulatory environment and is specifically designed for the needs of small and emerging companies. The ECM is aimed at:

  • Companies seeking funding and easy access to the secondary market
  • Companies unwilling to incur the higher costs and stricter requirements of the regulated markets
  • Companies aiming for cross-border distribution on the basis of private placement
  • Investors seeking a higher yield investment opportunity

A Nominated Advisor (“NOMAD”) is needed to ensure that a company is appropriate for quotation on the ECM and to ensure compliance. A NOMAD must be retained at all times to advise the company and to ensure that it complies with ECM rules on an ongoing basis.

Our services include admission processing and sponsorship, as well as post-admission compliance and risk management services.

Third Market of Wiener Börse AG, Austria

In Austria, Wiener Börse AG operates the Third Market as a multilateral trading facility (MTF) pursuant to the Stock Exchange Act. The MTF is attractive to issuers that wish to list without the obligation to prepare a prospectus.

An application for listing must be submitted by a regulated European investment firm. There are no provisions regarding issuing volumes or free float and we can facilitate depositing certificates with Clearstream, Euroclear and the Austrian central custodian OeKB.

2. Regulated markets

We assist in structuring and executing public issues on regulated markets.

These include:

  • Underwriting debt on a soft-commitment basis
  • Placement of equity securities through an initial public offerings (IPO) on the CSE and other EU stock exchanges
  • Assistance in admission of new issued securities in the Euroclear and Clearstream settlement systems

In 2015, we acted as lead manager in structuring the first ever debt offering denominated in Kazakh Tenge (“KZT”), which was admitted for settlement in Euroclear and Clearstream. The transaction was a landmark debt issuance for Kazakh entities and facilitated access to international investors with focus on soft currency debt instruments. The issuer was the largest commodities company in the region, a quasi-sovereign company owned by the Republic of Kazakhstan.