Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)

Cyprus AlFs offer competitive set up and maintenance costs compared to competing jurisdictions. They give investors access to regulation from a single, flexible regulator and the unique Cyprus tax regime.. Cyprus AIFs can be listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and other recognized EU stock exchanges with which CySec has a memorandum of understanding. The law introduces new structuring opportunities such as multiple investment compartments and segregated limited liability. Thereafter, it allows cross investment between sub-funds.

We are a multi-service firm that can cater to all aspects of your AIF, including authorization, administration, legal compliance and accounting. We provide custody and fund management services through regulated investment company and its AIFM subsidiary.

AIF Managers

Europe’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD 2011/61/EU) came into force in July 2011. The aim of this directive was to promote a European market for Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) by providing a harmonized regulatory framework within the European Union.

A Cyprus authorized AIFM has an EU wide “passport,” which allows the AIFM to provide management services and market their Alternative Investment Fund within any EU member state. Our newly established AIF Manager is currently undergoing licensing.