MeritKapital UK Ltd is now FCA approved!


MeritKapital UK Ltd is pleased to announce the approval of its FCA license (license # 720609) to act in its capacity as a matched principal broker in the United Kingdom. MeritKapital UK Ltd is affiliated with CySEC-licensed MeritKapital Ltd (#77/06, Cyprus) by means of common shareholders. The management team of MeritKapital considers this expansion opportune due the advantages that a large capital markets center such as London has to offer.

These benefits include the wide network of buy-and sell-side counter-parties, the wider pool of talent that an FCA licensed firm can attract and the firm's ability to capitalize on London's sophisticated financial infrastructure. Following the recent “Brexit” developments, the company is now secured with the necessary SEC licensing to operate both within the EU and the UK.

MeritKapital will maintain its focus in the fixed income sphere, particularly within emerging markets, where it has established a strong niche presence. The management team is confident that the FCA venture will support MeritKapital’s continued growth.

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